Solvent-based degreasing detergent for ink, fine dust and stove glass.


Degreasing solvent-based stain remover for no-rinse, smear-free removal of pen, permanent marker, writing ink, printing ink, graffiti, fat, grease and glue stains.


  • Rapidly removes ink from pens and rubber stamps, etc.
  • Also works on fine dust deposits like smog and soot
  • Rapidly dissolves glue residue, greasy dirt and industrial grease

Mode and dosage

Product is ready to use. Apply product directly onto the surface to be cleaned. Leave to work for a few minutes and then rub with a clean, damp cloth.

Scarica la scheda tecnica

Codice: 1884-S

EAN: 8032680391477

Confezione: 6pz x 750 ml