Hydrochloric acid-based cleaner and descaler for stubborn grime


  • Effectively removes inorganic build-up such as: limescale, saltpeter bloom, cement, plaster, rust
  • Suitable for terracotta surfaces, clinker, gres porcelain, glass mosaic, acid-resistant stone (e.g. porphyry), cement, etc.
  • Suitable for thorough cleaning of flooring when first laid

Mode and dosage

10-30 ml/l (1-3 caps per 5 litres) according to degree of soil.
Apply product onto surface to be cleaned with a soft bristle brush, sponge or spray.
Leave product to work for a few minutes.
Rinse off using a pressure washer or by hand using stiff brushes dampened with water

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Codice: 7007

EAN: 8050999570505

Confezione: 2 units x 5 L