Solvent-based stain remover for oil and ink


Solvent-based fabric pre-treatment, which helps shift ink, paint, oil and wax stains in the wash.


  • Highly effective on stains like ink, oil, wax, charcoal, tar, cosmetics, shoe polish, resins, varnish, etc.
  • Reduces percentage of waste and helps increase lifespan of clothes by avoiding continuous rewashing
  • Safe on fabrics

Mode and dosage

Product is ready to use. Apply product directly onto the stain and leave to work from 5 up to a maximum of 15 minutes. If necessary, work product into the stain with a brush. Wet the stain with cold water and then machine wash on the appropriate setting for the pretreated fabric.

Codice: 1817

EAN: 8054633830628

Confezione: 6pz x 500 ml