Complete stain-removing bio laundry detergent with surfactants


Concentrated complete organic washing liquid for whites and colours. Its powerful enzyme formula with surfactants removes the toughest stains, while being gentle on fabrics and colours. Works even at low temperatures. To be used in combination with Laundry Basic.


  • Effective removal of greasy and enzymatic dirt
  • Guarantees excellent whiteness
  • The Proactive System technology stops dirt from redepositing in the fibres and makes removal easier

Mode and dosage

For use exclusively with L-Brain Connect automatic dosing systems Must be used in the pre-wash or washing phase Recommended dose: 3-9 ml/kg of dry washing. The recommended dose refers to product use in optimal conditions. Consult with Sanitec Service technical support for advice on dosing adjustment.

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Codice: 2076

EAN: 8054633830338

Confezione: 1pz x 15L