Non-foaming active chlorine hard surface cleaner


Non-foaming active chlorine hard surface cleaner Highly effective in shifting organic residue and unpleasant odours. Ideal for public areas like hospitals, schools, hotels, changing rooms, public toilets and the agrifood industry.


  • Concentrated formula easily removes dirt residue
  • Eliminates unpleasant odours
  • Cleans, freshens and removes stains in one solution
  • Non-foaming formula for easy rinsing

Mode and dosage

Dilute product in water according to instructions. Spread over surface to be cleaned with a cloth, mop or scrubber-dryer. No need to rinse. DOSING: 20-40 ml/L (2-4 caps per 5 litres) according to degree of soil.

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Codice: 1173

EAN: 8054633831250

Confezione: 2pz x 5L