Odour-eliminating dishwasher detergent for hard water >35 °f


Sanitising alkaline industrial dishwasher detergent with automatic dosing system. Detergent: powerful removal of grease, starch, etc. Eliminates odours: lemon essential oil. Sequestering action: prevents formation of streaks and limescale on dishes and in the machine. Shines steel:gleaming pots and pans without streaks and water spots. Active protection: prevents corrosion of dishwasher.

Mode and dosage

DOSING: 0-15 °f: 1 g - 15-25 °f: 1.5 g - >25 °f: 2 g per litre according to water hardness.

Scarica la scheda tecnica

Codice: DO1038

EAN: 8054633830192

Confezione: 1pz x 19Kg