Sustainability for change, responsibility as a value choice, innovation as a vocation.

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We wanted to summarize in less than 2 minutes our commitment, vision and goals in the areas of social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Our third Sustainability Report

Italchimica, for the third year in a row, presents its sustainability report in order to highlight the company’s improvement objectives towards all its stakeholders

Download the 2021 Report

Download the Highlights of Sustainability Report 2021

Download the 2020 Report

Download the 2019 Report


Environmental responsibility

For years, Italchimica has taken up the important challenge of contributing to environmental sustainability and has been committed to achieving ever more ambitious goals, recognizing in it an opportunity for growth and change.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is for Italchimica a commitment to guarantee the internal stakeholders’ well-being and respect. Particular attention is paid to employees, their involvement and training, ensuring talent growth and retention, as well as optimising personnel selection and training processes.


Economic responsibility

Italchimica wants to create more value for customers and consumers by reducing its footprint on the planet. Our commitment aims to provide high quality, functional, safe and efficient products that last longer and are designed to be reused or subjected to quality recycling processes.


Italchimica’s goals are in line with many of the targets set by the sustainable development objectives included in the UN 2030 Agenda on the environment.