Our run

Founded in 2003 Italchimica is one of the leading Italian manufacturers of detergents and cosmetics. The company, with a highly innovative production, has been developed with great success, becoming one of the leaders in its field internationally. The experience of Italchimica and growth of the group has developed and strengthened in 2006 with the branch company of Professional Detergents INDIA S.p.a. one of the most important companies producing professional cleaners since 1932. 


Our guarantee

We work with a purpose, create value for customers, employees and shareholders. MISSION Create detergents and cosmetics that improve the quality of life according to nature. VISION To excel in the quality ensuring professionalism and reliability to our customers. VALUES Professionalism: reliability, competence and fairness are the basis for all our process achieved in five key areas: people, means, methods, materials, and environment to ensure the satisfaction of customer needs. Responsibility: we adopt a model dedicated to creating sustainable development for the environment, respect for the rules.



We have become the leading Italian company in the professional market, distinguishing thanks to our cutting edge. We also created an important place in the world thanks to the Consumer creation of innovative products that meet the needs of customers. Italchimica continues to enjoy a steady growth in sales, warehousing and dedicated staff. WE ARE IN 40 COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD WITH 2 OFFICES ABROAD spread.


Values Partnership

Long-term relationships of collaboration with customers together with in-depth marketing studies, leading to the creation of successful partnerships, which hit the market, fostering customer loyalty. We put at your disposal our technical specialists who are always available for any advice or problems regarding the use of the products, or dosing systems.


Productive Process



We have the latest generation of machines and resources.

  • Continuos mixing
  • 6 Lines of production packaging
  • 6 Bottling installations
  • Automated picking production process


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