The House of Cleaning


Italchimica is an Italian family company, specialising in the production and distribution of detergents, disinfectants and cosmetics for the professional and consumer sectors.
Italchimica develops products with a high standard of quality – highly effective concentrated detergents and cosmetics that take care of the skin, offering the most suitable solutions for each type of customer, and with an eye on sustainability.
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Linea Professional

Professional detergents and cosmetic solutions for I&I and HO.RE.CA professional cleaning sectors.

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Green change

“Change is the future.

And we are pulling the strings.

Our core value: meeting people’s needs while respecting the environment.”


Italchimica is submitting its first Sustainability Report with a view to highlighting the Company’s environmental, social and economic information, and the improvement goals towards all reference Stakeholders.


Discover Green Change Matters

our history

Everything starts from a garage…

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A company we believe in

We are geared towards innovation,
a key word to curb our footprint and produce
more shared value.

Respect and responsibility

All company departments are coordinated through the SAP HANA ERP management system thus optimising production and operations management in all facilities.

We bring the product to life

Mixing department

Every day our R&D and Marketing departments work closely together to find the best solutions both in the field of detergents and cosmetics.
The passion for innovation drives us to find increasingly high-performance and customer-oriented solutions.

We create and dress the product

Mixing department

The entire product chain is managed at the Padua production site.
From blowing the bottle, mixing the formulas to filling the product itself.

We package and prepare the product for your use

Packaging process

In the final part of the production process, Italchimica has focused its investments in automation in recent years. From the production line, passing through the composition of the pallets to the loading of the same on the truck, it is done in a completely automated way.